Symbols of Singapore
The Merlion and the 2,500 room Marina Bay Sands hotel, casino, and convention center, symbols of Singapore, with a garden and pool across the top.  At US$5.6 billion, the Sands is perhaps the most expensive building in the world.

We love to travel – find an interesting place and a reasonable cost, and away we go.  Often a dozen or more trips per year.  And we love to share our experiences.

Our stories fall into three categories…

  1. The process… planning flights, international communications, visas, etc.
  2. Cities … getting to/from airports, tipping, local customs
  3. Travelogues … the photo album of each trip

We started this Blog site to have a dialogue with you.  But after several years, there were three complements, hundreds of spams, and no meaningful dialogue.  Therefore we are migrating back to our traditional travel site, plesums.com/travel  Most of the travelogues are already “back home,” and the other information is moving as fast as we can.   You are welcome to use this site as long as it is helpful, but it is fading away.

About This Site

Jenny Plesums is a CPA who is gradually retiring. Charlie Plesums retired as a computer consultant who started a retirement business building custom furniture, and after 14 years is gradually retiring from that. Why? They both love to travel. For the last several years, they have traveled over 100,000 airline miles per year. And as a one time professor and computer geek, Charlie loves to write about it.

Jenny and Charlie Plesums in Peru
Jenny and Charlie Plesums, overlooking the Sacred Valley, outside of Cusco Peru

We are old enough to not want to hike and camp (and we only rarely want to climb the 350 steps to the top of the local tower, like we did in years past). But we are still strong enough (walk several miles per day while traveling) and still sharp enough (rarely need a local guide) that we feel comfortable traveling on our own. We are rich enough to afford at least a 3 or 4 star hotel (we gave up hostels, 1 and 2 star hotels several years ago), but are frugal enough that we know our savings on one trip will allow more trips in the future. We “never” eat out when we are home, so we can splurge when we are in interesting cities. A friend calls these SKI trips (no snow or water) – they are trips to Spend the Kid’s Inheritance (but don’t worry about him – he is doing okay).

Jenny Plesums in Portugal
Sometimes we do stairs. This is far less than half of the steps down to the Douro river in Porto Portugal.

Could we go on group tours? Yes, maybe someday it will be routine.   We recently took a tour of Morocco, and a separate trip to China, so someone else would handle the logistics of many cities and stops.  For now tours will be for challenging destinations like Antarctica.  Maybe someday it will become more routine for us.

Could we go on a cruise? Yes, maybe someday, but we haven’t enjoyed even overnight trips on large ferries – we are more anxious to get there than to enjoy the water voyage and on-board entertainment.  And we are disappointed at how a city changes when a cruise ship unloads 5,000 tourists – we like the cities without the cruise ship people.

Could we go on long trips? We both have activities and work at home that we value, so many of our trips are a week or so. Maybe someday when we are old (we are only in our 70s) they will become longer.

If you are like us – mid-grade travelers who would rather tour a historic city and visit a museum than to spend a week hiking, skiing, or sunbathing, we hope you will enjoy our experiences and suggestions. We hope you will contribute your experiences as well – especially corrections where something had changed, or where we told the story wrong, or there is a point we have missed. We look forward to hearing from you.

"Floating" sculpture in Singapore
This this huge sculpture – about 30 feet long and weighing 7 tons, is balanced over the ground (no wires or aerial support; the only support is the right hand, but you have to look closely to see how it touches the ground). It is in a park in Singapore.

We were gradually converting from our old travel web site, but are now migrating back to it.  We hope you will visit visit.